15 Interesting look of Coffee Tables design

The modern coffee tables these days have become very stylish. Gone are the days when a table used to be comprised of only glass and wood and used to be either an oval or a circle. These days coffee tables are of various shapes and can hold as many people as one may desire. They are being made of various materials like wood and even metal, and are big or as small as you want them. Some people even prefer to use a second hand coffee table as their own, depends on person to person.

Source: Futuristic Corian Tables by Stuart Melrose

Source: Futuristic Corian Tables by Stuart Melrose

Source: newhouseofart.com

Source: newhouseofart.com   

Coffee Tables design_4

Coffee Tables design_7

Coffee Tables design_8

Coffee Tables design_9

Source: padstyle.com

Coffee Tables design_10

Coffee Tables design_11

Source: dotandbo.com

Coffee Tables design_12

Source: www.etsy.com

Coffee Tables design_15

Source: www.1stdibs.com

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