10 New L-Shaped Sofa design for living room

Head l sofa

There used to be a time when living room sofas were never considered a part of the living room decor, but these days there is a certain design of sofas which has been catching everyone’s attention and that is the l-shaped sofa. An L-shaped sofa for living room is not only a statement piece but will also easily pass for a show piece. And apart from all these they provide extra seating, they separate the living room from the dining room and kitchen and makes the room seem bigger and wider than it actually is.

L shape sofa_1

L shape sofa_2

L shape sofa_3

L shape sofa_4

L shape sofa_5

L shape sofa_6

L shape sofa_7

L shape sofa_8

L shape sofa_9

L shape sofa_10

Source: homedit

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