10 exterior design of english cottage style

Building a home and designing it the best way we love to is the most important accomplishment of our life. We all wish the dream home come true and we have a great life with our family and occasionally meeting our long term friends over there to make as many memories that we can. How about designing this important dream in the style of an English Cottage? Yes, we can go retro and be contemporary as well. Let’s see some inspiring English Cottage Style homes.

Old Roof and Nest English Cottages are designed and styled in such a way that they look like bird nests from a distance with pointed roofs. Well, observe the plans carefully and believe me you will love the ceiling and look from outside. This is the classic design that we all like about the cottages.

 Garden Farm House An English home is something we distinguish with enough space and green scenery to go with. The best way to design our cottages is to have a good amount of space dedicated to building the stone pathway and grow tiny bushes around the walls of our homes. Also the greens help in make the cottage look pretty and help us in our mood swings.

 Simple and Elegant designs An English cottage needs to be simple and elegant in the way it is designed. Using the elegant colors like grey, white and cream color curtains to the windows and elegant wood curvatures in our dining and dressing rooms.

These are some inspirational designs that you can use while building an English Cottage style home. Keeping the history alive in contemporary style is the way to look ahead for our future generations to learn and embrace the past while living in the future present.











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